HOW TO: Upload Photos From Mobile to Facebook Page

April 2, 2011 by

If you’ve been on Facebook for any length of time and you have a mobile phone, you’ve probably learned how to upload a photo to your personal profile. Mobile phone apps do a great job of making that connection.

Posting that mobile photo to your Facebook page? Not so obvious, but absolutely possible.

Facebook posts with photos and videos get clicked on, liked and shared more often then plain text updates and links. All that activity translates into a better presence for your page in your fans’ newsfeeds, so mix up your page with some photos from the field!

Here’s how to upload a photo from your mobile phone to your Facebook page: e-mail it!

Begin on your laptop or desktop. Go to your Facebook page and click Edit, then select Mobile. Then add the private e-mail address you see to your mobile phone.

How to upload photos from mobile to Facebook page

On your phone, compose an e-mail and attach the photo. Usually, your mobile phone will let you choose the photo first, then share it via e-mail.

Your e-mail subject line becomes the caption for the photo, so be sure to take advantage of this communications opportunity by giving a description or asking a question to invite comments. Once the email is sent, the photo will be posted in your Photos and on your Wall.

Pat yourself on the back and jump for joy – this opens up a host of communication opportunities for small businesses and nonprofits, like:

  • Show off something new from your store
  • Post photos from a rally, volunteer event or press conference
  • Make people laugh with a funny sign, expression or moment
  • Give customers a glimpse of your friendly staff hard at work
  • Inspire with beauty – sunsets, kittens and smiles are your friends

If you admin more than one Facebook page, you’ll need to grab the mobile upload e-mail for each page and add it to your e-mail address book.стоимость наполнения сайта текстом