HOW TO: Tag people + pages in Facebook comments

March 16, 2011 by

Facebook just kicked its tagging feature up a notch – you can now tag people and pages in comments.

Tagging is where you link to the profile of a friend or a page in a status update or photo. Why tag? It’s a great way to refer to a source, thank someone publicly, ask a question, invite a friend to comment or in general to get someone’s attention.

Previously, when you directed a comment toward a friend, the common practice was to use the @ symbol – “hey @Joe, my thoughts exactly,” and hope that said friend read your comment.

Now you can use the @ symbol to get their attention in the comments via status tag. NOTE: You must be friends with the person or page in order to tag him/her/it.

Here’s how it works (with a little political humor from Andy Borowitz):

How to comment tag - image 1

Wherever you would like to tag someone – beginning of your comment, middle, end – enter the @sign and enter the first letter of the person/page you would like to tag.

How to comment tag - image 2

Next, select the person or page you want to tag.

How to comment tag - image 3

Once you post your comment, the page or person will receive a notification that they’ve been tagged, and a post will appear on their wall. Some pages don’t show posts and tags by fans, so don’t fret if everything seems to work on your end but it’s not showing up on the other end. The link will still work.

What’s your favorite use of the tag?

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